2021 Monthly keywords

May your days be bright, and your heart be light!

Keywords for the year of 2021

[January] Let go, Release of guilt, Reset

[February] Breakthrough, Choose a path wisely, Step by Step

[March] Shift your perspective, A superstar performance

[April] Power on the big stage, Spread yourself extensively

[May] You are protected, Rest, Gentle healing

[June] Honer your boundary, Self-care, Respect your feeling

[July] Communication, Telepathy, A conversation that is filled with heart

[August] Self produce, Add gorgeousness, Shine

[September] Enjoy the different perspective, Playful heart

[October] I Notice your value, Return to your heart ,Home

[November] Set the target, Focus, Concentration

[December] A view you've ever seen before, Unlock the limit, Travel

May love be in your life, May hope be in your heart, May peace be in our world.

Makiko Kurata

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