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Yoga Practice Helpful Hints

1.Listen to your body. Only through your own internal awareness will you come to understand when to work harder or deeper and when to move more slowly.

2. The breath should always be louder than your internal dialogue.

3. Never force yourself into a pose, no poster is worth injury.

4. Take the ambition out of it. You are competing with no one.

5. This is a more with yoga. Take your time and build your practice slowly, There is nowhere to "get" to.

6. Set up your regular practice for yourself. Practice is the key to the entire science of yoga.

7. Enjoy your practice. Acknowledge and do receive the gift you are giving your self.

The true challenge is not can you do a handstand, but can you apply to your life?

Yoga truly begins when you leave the classroom.

Yoga is a way of living.

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