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Separateness causes suffering and union creates freedom

Yoga is union,

It is difficult for us to experience our natural connection with each other when we don't have that connection with our own self.

Yoga connects us with an inner wisdom, in which there is no doubt as to the connection of all things.

Yoga is a practical method of bringing peace and connectedness back into our lives.

If the nervous system is fresh and rested, the body will be healthy and the mind alert and comprehensive.

As a result, our thought will be powerful and clear and our actions, which are manifested thought, will be successful and rewarding.

We can actually gain back the connection to Self and others as we are released from the restricted thinking, dull mind, and negativity resulting from a strained, tired nervous system.

The healthier our nervous system, the healthier our body, mind, thoughts and actions.

Makiko Kurata

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