Lightarian Program™

Many of us are here to learn and grow through the human experience as preparation for bringing more Light into this plane. We are here to refine and expand our talents and abilities to serve as spiritual teachers, energy workers, healers, communicators, and ambassadors …all to support the global-human ascension-descension process that is unfolding here.

This holistic view of the Light enables us to better understand that all levels of our subtle bodies, and our physical body as well, will be changing and evolving based on our commitment to building personal power and focusing on our personal spiritual process. 

To support this extraordinary process, I would be honored to work personally with you to stimulate your awakening process and to enhance your spiritual development...either via our teacher trainings or through our individualized client work.  

​Those are remote attunement program.

If you want to know more about each program, please click below.

Although lot of people start from Lightarian Reiki programs, you can start from any program.(some of them needs pre-requist for taking the program)

Each training level consists of two simple phases:

(1) A thorough self-study of the Training Manual(PDF) followed by a Question/Answer exchange with the Lightarian Reiki Teacher via E-mail; and

(2) the energetic Attunement itself - delivered by zoom or by remote.

Upon completion of each level of Program: As a Practitioner, you are energetically prepared to deliver healing energies to your clients and, as a Teacher, once registered with the Institute you are fully prepared to begin training and attuning your own students. 

A Master Teacher/Practitioner Certificate is provided to acknowledge your satisfactory completion at the end of your program. 

I'm look forward supporting you as you move along your spiritual journey.

                               sourced by the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation